Taumata Arowai VACANCIES

Te Tari Taiwhenua (DIA) are seeking nominations for appointment to the Taumata Arowai Board (5-7 members, including a Chair), and a Māori Advisory Group (5-7 members, including a Chair). 

Candidate information sheets are attached for both entities, and a nomination form. 

In summary, DIA are looking for Board members who, collectively, have knowledge and experience of, and capability in:


  • the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement activities of regulatory agencies;
  • public health, particularly in relation to the objectives and functions of Taumata Arowai;
  • the Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) and its principles;
  • perspectives of Māori and tikanga Māori; and
  • performance monitoring and governance.


They are also open to candidates with knowledge and experience of, and capability in:

  • the water sector;
  • the delivery and maintenance of infrastructure networks;
  • an understanding of different perspectives across the water sector; and/or
  • the establishment of a new organisation.


For the Māori Advisory Group, the primary criterion for candidates should be knowledge and experience of, and capability in, providing advice on mātauranga, tikanga and kaitiakitanga, particularly as it relates to water. It is also preferable for candidates to have some understanding of working within a regulatory environment and the role of Crown entities.


The closing date for nominations is 5pm on Friday 20 November 2020.


Appointments to the Board and Māori Advisory Group are subject to approval by the Minister and Cabinet, so we anticipate it may take up to three months after the closure of applications before appointments are confirmed.

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Tini whetu ki te rangi, ko Rangitāne ki te whenua

Like the multitude of stars in the sky, so great is Rangitāne on the earth.

Tini whetu ki te rangi, ko Rangitāne ki te whenua